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Introduction to Liaocheng LuXi Human Resources Development Co., Ltd.
I. Company Profile
Liaocheng LuXi Human Resources Development Co. Ltd. (LLHRDC) was established in 1992 as a subsidiary of the Liaocheng Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Shandong Province, and currently employs 236 staff across its 6 subsidiaries and 2 vocational training schools. With a range of core business activities including advanced skills training, outsourcing and labour export (including for overseas employment), seafarer recruitment and assignment, international welding certification training, project contracting and production outsourcing, and domestic service, LLHRDC clearly figures as a large-scale and high-profile human resources service agency at national and, increasingly, regional level.

Over more than 20 years’ development the Company has, cumulatively, exported and dispatched more than 300,000 individuals, including cohorts of over 3,600 workers and seafarers to Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries, besides directly managing the deployment of almost 30,000 workers to the Pearl River and Yangtze River Deltas and the Bohai Rim. Such placements have generated aggregated annual revenue of almost ten billion Yuan (~£1bn) into the economy of Shandong Province.


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